Ancient Pyramids of Northern Coastal Peru Travel

Ancient Pyramids of Northern Coastal Peru Travel

April 2023

Travel through the oasis valleys of northern Peru and explore their little known pyramids.

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Ancient France, Megaliths to Chateaux

June 2023

Travel through the megalithic sites of Brittany and the castles and chauteaux of the Loire Valley.

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Angkor Cambodia

August 2023

Angkor and other remote jungle ruins in central Cambodia during the solar zenith passage.

Suggested Reading

These books are offered as a courtesy for those who would like some pre-course reading. The basics will be discussed during the course and pre-course study is not a prerequisite. Reading any one of these will help you prepare for the things we will discuss during the courses.

Books about Angkor and Khmer Ancient History

» Angkor and Khmer books

Books about Ancient French Megaliths and the Loire Valley

» Ancient France books

Books about Ancient Andean civilizations of Northern Coastal Peru

» Ancient Peru books

Tulum – Be Your Own Guide

GPS locates and navigates you anywhere within the Maya ruins of Tulum in Quintana Roo, Mexico without using any external data. Available for iPhone and iPad.

Maya Calendar

A great resource for those who want to go back and forth between Maya and Christian Calendar dates. Available for iPhone at the App Store.